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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for vestido de trem
Seller has great response. Customized measurement is correct as per request, however it's just me who probably misinterpreted the guidance on the widest part of hip, so it looks so big on me f(^^
The dress came extremely quickly as I received it in about 20 days! The product was very well made; I had custom ordered the size so the alterations were a little bit rushed, but overall the material and fabric was very pretty and the dress was well done! Only issue is the front part of the bodice was a little bit curved upwards instead of flat down, and the chest area was a little too small. Otherwise, the dress was very accurate to description! I would recommend buying from this seller because not only was the shipment very fast, but they were very polite in communication and was always available!
although very happy with dresses delivery time, I'm a bit wary that the seller didn't as for cup size or breast measurement, so I sent customers measurements and it seems to sit like it was made for some a or b cups, but I have JJ CUP so am off to find a seamstress to see what we can do, dress is otherwise beautiful and absolutely stunning