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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for duosida type 1
Honstar EV Has the greatest service! I accidentaly purchased a wrong unit and they gladly helped me to ghet a right one and cancelled the wrong order and let me order the right product. The delivery was really fast! Exactly one week from order! From China to Finland!
Delivery was fast. Ukraine part of delivery was by Meest express. For those who buy this item, consider checking and possibly buying at the same time screws since they are not as common: Torx T15, Torx T10, triangle 2.7mm. I was able to found all of them on local marketplace, however if for Torx I was sure since they are more or less available, triangle screw was something I feared I would need to wait another few weeks from aliexpress. Just on local market it was 2.6 mm but it fit normally.
This cable is of very good end-to-end quality, starting from the Type-1 and 3 connectors which are fitted with caps to the 32A cable of good cross-section. This cable meets CE quality requirements and leaves a good impression for safe charging.