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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for dvr fpv
Very fast shipping! After I figured out, it needs a vfat formatted SD-card, it worked pretty fine. Cards in other formats are not accepted and cannot even be formatted in the device. Formatting in Linux: Primary partition, type 0d and mkfs.vfat Video quality is very good! Three quality settings: VGA, D1 and HD On a 16GB card it records round about 9 1/2 hours in VGA, 5 1/2 hours in D1 and 4 1/2 hours in HD I'm running it at 4.2 volts without problems. It also offers selection between infinite, 10min and 20min recording. Together with the normal cables, there is also a set of open ended calbles included, which is very nice. Things I'm missing: - There ist no "auto record on power up" setting, which would be quite helpful. - A little beeper indicating record start / card full / ... would be fine. There is a LED indicator though, but when wearing the FPV goggles you need to take them off just to see if the VCR is recording. I'm happy with the thing.
Same sw of all others dvr, and like the others when it's recording, the video output flashes with some delay, it's preferible to switch the video view direct from the input..i had to put a switch for select recording view and camera direct view...but it works perfectly (record and playback on board mode) cheap and good
Good camera. Video 1080p lags a lot, but 720p is ok. Framerate of 30fps is not too stable, there are drops sometimes. Very lightweight, good looking. Satisfied, will buy V2 with 60fps.
Good and fast service. The goggles are exactly the same as the ev 800 with the addition of diversity. The only negative...the internal battery is smaller and lasts half as long as the ev 800.