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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for earmax
The cable is exactly as i hoped (which is better then expected). The sound stage is warmer then with the standard Sennheiser HD650 cable and provides a little more bass. The connectors that go into the headphones are slightly chunkier then the ones shown on the images. They do however look sturdy and durable (made of aluminium) so this doesn't really bother me. Great buy and i would recommend this to other HI-FI enthusiasts.
Pretty good! The sound produced is louder than my original one with the same coil resistance. I used it to change the speaker of my helmet communicator. The positive pole is the black spot
very good and way more comfortable then the stock earpads. like the other reviewer they did not have white versions. but now they have character, unlike most others ;) from the 3rd picture you can see me compare them to the (now foamless) stock earpads. i am very satisfied with my purchase.