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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for esp32 ole
Thank you for your guide installing libray. I have tested the module in my residence place. It can reach up to 150m when I put in front my house. But it can only reach 50m when the sender is inside my house. I am not sure the default power for transceiver. I hope thie default is not 100%, so that I can extend the distance.
Fast delivery in a protective packaging. This version is a upgrade compared to the already great v2.0 version. New is the battery indicator and the SMA connector. The on/off switch has been replaced with a on/off/reset push button.
The board has already installed a sample programm that shows the oled is working. It would be perfect, to get also this and other sample code and maybe more information wiring etc of sdcard, schematic. Board has uart2014 serial bridge,
This is very nice chip. There was problem with the power supply circuit, preventing the chip from using Wifi. The seller was very helpful and solved the problem. They also sent me replacement parts for free. Everything works perfectly now.
Item was shipped within a little bit more than 3 weeks (to Austria / Europe). Packaged in antistatic foil within air bubble sleeve but not a plastic case - although it seems that the OLED display was not damaged. BUT I did NOT yet test the item and since there is no marking on the board I'm not sure if it really is the 433MHz version nor can I test the antenna delivered becaus the antenna analyzer still is on it's way to me.