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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for moda mulher
they are so nice.. i am in love with them. i did buy them for my 3 month baby. and i received a gift aswell for me. this is so sweet. thanks a lot. i will buy again.
LOVE & they REALLY truly work for multiple things! I just wish they'd pick A price then stick with it for more than ten hours a crack as I've found these at a plethora of other shops cheaper than here so I'm going to have to go ahead and try theirs too, as it's a style variety also which helps me to sell it for the ppl who have various needs. but I've a my very own Pink one's going on in my shoes they doing the multi tasking 4 me making my shoes a 1/2 size smaller & more comfortable at the same time
Very shiny in the sunlight or with your phones flashlight. Great quality and very sturdy, earring backs were made of the same material. Sits comfortably on the ear and doesn't irritate at all.