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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for hd ssd
very pleased with my purchased kingdian SSD, arrived to me in the united kingdom in just 8 days. installed on old laptop and I've seen a significant speed boost to performance across the board... streaming, read and write speeds, startup shutdown times, games etc. if your new to using SSD like myself keep in mind that you have to setup a new volume drive search YouTube or google. " setup new SSD volume" and follow the instructions that best suit your PC configuration. its not too complicated. for me on a 32GB SSD was NTFS not FAT32, 4kb cluster size and I did not tick the check box to do a quick format, it took 10 minutes to format. I did this on my main PC using the SSD as a secondary drive while using my PC main drive with the operating system to get the SSD ready to put in the laptop and install the O.S from the laptop. when you connect the SSD as a secondary drive keep in mind that it reads a new SSD has been connected but it will not show if you click on my PC until you format.