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Brinquedos mat.

SUKIToy Montessori Math Wooden educational Toy including 100PCS Sticks 70PCS digital card board game gift for children new year

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The set is made entirely of wood. that is, you can not worry that your child will play chemical plastics)) Still, the tree is a natural material. The set is excellent. All sides of the box polished, I did not find any roughness or roughness. And this is very important, since a child can plant a splinter, if the tree is poorly processed. How the figures are executed. They have a wooden base, on top of which a sticker is pasted. We first with my husband thought that the figures were written on wood and covered with varnish. But then they saw that it was a sticker))Counting sticks are also made of wood. They are also well polished and I have no complaints against them. My daughter absolutely calmly plays with the set and does not complain that something is interfering with her. For convenience of counting, sticks are colored in different colors - blue, green, red, yellow.
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  • Material: Madeira
  • Faixa Etária: > 3 anos de idade
  • Modelo Número: SK020
  • Gênero: Unissex
  • Atenção: beware children swallowed
  • Características: Educacional
  • Marca: FREECOLOR
  • toys: for children
  • wooden math toy: for preschool kids
  • drawing board: digital cards
  • send: from Russia
  • 100pcs sticks: 70pcs number cards
  • Oyuncak: for children
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