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Pistolas de água p/ jardim

Carro Lavadora De Alta Pressão Pistola de Água Máquina De Lavar Poder Spray Bocal Da Mangueira de Água Com Bent Long Pólo de Limpeza Ferramentas de Jardim Carro máquina de lavar Arma

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R$ 55,96 - 59,70 -37%

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Revisão por Jxxxe (AU)
This wand is of fairly sturdy construction. The spare nozzle storage fitting is part of the rubber molding and not very strong. It will eventually break off. The shaft of the wand is aluminium and therefore able to be bent and broken. However, aluminium doesn't rust and the only other alternative would have been stainless at an increased price. As for the function of the wand. Our water pressure is very good. At arms length the fan tip created about a 350mm wide spray. The pressure and flow rate of water from the wand was fairly weak and insufficient to be used for something like cleaning a footpath. I could very comfortably place my hand in front of it. At full pressure and flow it was only just too strong for spraying directly onto pot plants, mainly because it would tend to wash away the soil. It would be suitable for rinsing off a car while washing it or spraying a mist over the foliage of plants.
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Especificação do item

  • Tipo: Pistolas para regar jardins
  • Característica: Padrões de Spray Variáveis
  • Modelo Número: Washer Gun
  • Material: Aluminium Alloy(body) + Copper(Nozzle head) + TPR(handle)
  • Mangueira de Jardim Tipo Pistola: as pic show
  • color: as pic show
  • Size 1 : Approx. Length: 46cm/18.1";
  • Size 2: Approx. Length: 66cm/26.0"
  • Type 1: pressure washer
  • Type: car washer gun
  • 5 Estrelas 59%
  • 4 Estrelas 21%
  • 3 Estrelas 12%
  • 2 Estrelas 4%
  • 1 Estrela 4%
4.2 / 5

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