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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for ir inteligente
I have received a package with a robot on 22 day after I had made an order. It was packed good and came to me without any damage on it. I haven't tried it yet, but I hope that all parts also are good, and it will be working.
Very nice remote. All functions work as expected. Good quality assembly. Very convenient option to learn IR signal to power on and off tv. Turns on backlight only on currently used side. Turns off airmouse when you rotate it and use keyboard. The only drawback Ive found was that after keyboard layout switching to russian some of keys skip keystrokes. Also very fast delivery and collabirative seller. 5 stars with no doubts!
Everything works fine. How to learn IR remote control: 1) Press "TV" (enter to IR-mode) LED will be "on" 2) Press TV again and hold for 5 sec (LED starts blinking) 3) Press and hold button on source remote control, while MK3 LED starts quickly blinking. 4) Press once necessary MK3 button (LED starts blink slowly again) 5) Press "TV" to quit programming mode Don't forget to quit IR-mode while you don't need it (for saving batteries, LED will be off) in daily use.
Product finish is not so good. Kinda chinese type of product. Functionality is good though. Air mouse is great, keyboard is great, back light is great. I haven tried the tv learning but i will try it soon and leave additional feedback.
Received goods within two weeks of them being ordered. Goods were well packaged and intact on opening. The only reason I have not given this five stars is that it would have been nice if the seller included an option to ship UK adapters \ plugs (or at the very least EU to UK converters which cost barely anything). The items appear to be working fine when used directly, though I haven't been able to get them working through my router yet, so they're currently only working from RJ-45 to RJ-45 (i.e. each end of the cat5 cable plugged directly in to the transmitter and receiver) - this may be due to a setting on my router preventing multicast signals though I haven't had chance to troubleshoot it yet. For reference, the router doesn't block anything else (as I've test various TCP connections directly between other devices). Time permitting, I will endeavour to get to the bottom of what's blocking it and update this thread accordingly.