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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for key lock safe
As a collector I am mostly happy with this lock. However I see that despite the many cuts on the key there are only 5 pin stacks (2 on bottom and 3 on top) I would have expected 5 top and 5 bottom pins and maybe some side pins. Key sounds hollow which is kind of weird but I also might be that is made out of aluminium which would be awesome but really strange. I need to check this. All and all for a display lock would be quite ok.
i beleive it is a good key box. it is secure. it is nearly imposible to pick the lock. compared with masterlock key box- masterlock looks stroger, all the parts are from metal. This one is strong but not so much as masterlock and some parts of the lock are from plastic. however if you try to pick the lock this one is much harder to pick than masterlock key box, which is a big plus.