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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for chave órgão
Received product 10 days after ordered - which is much faster that I had expected. It was also very well packaged. And the 4 stars are for all of those reasons. For the product itself, I am not so satisfied. The harmonica seems to be nicely built. But upon first try, hole 1 and 2 have buzz noise and hole 8 and 9 are kind of stuck; they don't produce sounds immediately upon blow. I did a research and found that these problems might be associated with sticky windsavers (due to condensation of moisture overtime; but this is only upon my first try; and I actually brushed my teeth and clean my mouth before I tried it. LOL!)
Its great. Just like the pictures. My 49 key midi controller fits perfectly and its great that has a lot of pockets to hold other stuff like the cables, manuals or anything else
I purchased 4 different keys and got a free Kongsheng $14.99 USD blue hard case that holds 3 harmonicas. The quality of the Harmonicas I feel are great. Very loud, no leakage, and little breath needed to play. The Tin G Harp is a quality harmonica almost as good as the Suzuki or Hohner professional harmonica but at half the price. Time will tell if the quality lasts with playing over time. Only issue I want to mention is the color of the cover plates is Chrome and not Black as appears on Tin G Harps (reflection off box). Not a problem for me but I would have preferred Black covers on 2 of 4 harps purchased. Thanks!
The Harmonica arrived on the date promised. It was packed exceptionally well and was in perfect shape when I unpacked it. The price was more than reasonable for this professional grade musical instrument. Further, I checked the fit and finish of the harmonica, as well as its intonation with a highly accurate stroboscopic tuner, finding all the notes perfectly in tune and no defects in its assembly.