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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for grande totoro
I want to send a message to site administrators. ¬-________________. - You asked me to leave feedback and stars within 30 days. I find this is unacceptable. This creates a false impression that suggests reliability of products and the seller. You should give a period of 1 year to allow some feedback, so the full reliability of the product can be tested. I expect that the product should would reliably for more than a month. U give me 150 days more 4 additional feedbacks but I cannot change the stars. - ________________ I think a website that respects its customers should allow feedback on its product for at least 1 year, as is the case in Europe. The minimum warranty period should be two years. - ________________ 4 example the mobile I bought was ready for disposing of due to damaged memory cards and many other problems. I do not believe i should be given 5 stars by default without reply of the customer within 30 days when you supply products that are clearly not fit for purpose.
Very cute, but disappointed because the coin slot and the hole at the bottom are very small. We cannot use them for quarters, 1-dollar, or 2-Dollar coins in Canada. Only $0.05 and $0.10 will work.
I'm in love❣ Faceless is amazing! So soft and cuddly, yet well sewn and sturdy, he's an armful of love He came safely packaged in a clear inner bag, inside a tough outer bag, nice and safe for his journey. He seems to have a quieting presence about him, like an old friend, I find myself talking to him without even realizing it And he's a good hugger, since he's a large fellow, and an armful of soft I am extremely pleased with my Faceless ♥️ I am giving the seller a big 5+☆☆☆☆☆'s, and a 100% satisfaction rating Buy from this seller with complete confidence and trust ❣
Product came faster than expected, I'm happy about that. Product is overall good except the white totoro's forehead seams create some wrinkles on its head...the seam location seems consistent with all the others though, so I suppose that's how the product is supposed to look like.