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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for mini linux servidor
Order shipped within 48 hours, arrived in perfect condition with the correct power adapter. It feels and looks very well built, barely warm to the touch after installing & running pfsense for several days. It supports either MSATA or a 2.5" hard drive, and it comes with several cables & mounting brackets for the hard drive. The RAM card in the lower slot didn't seat properly the first time, so I reinstalled & it clicked in the 2nd time like it should. I was surprised to see that the ethernet ports are clearly labeled with the MAC addresses inside the case (doesn't show this in their pictures). The only real complaint, which is minor: the bottom plate was impossible to remove & reinstall without loosening the two bottom screws of the front and back plates a little bit... but this is something you'll only do once when you install the RAM & hard drive.
As described, well packed and delivered to UK in 16 days. Using for Pfsense. Unit is compact and well made. Case temperature measured at 45C in a room with ambient temperature of 25C which is quite good for a fanless device. Runs cooler than a j1900 based device from another vendor that it replaces. Processor has AES-NI so should be compatible with Pfsense 2.5 when it arrives.
so far so good, device is definitely faster that may previous celeron. lower cpu utilization. apparently the 7th gen cpu is for windows 10 only... windows 8 would work but with a nag screen that there is limited support. pfsense works nice on this device, if ever you choose pfsense.