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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for masquerade ball gowns for prom
I was really stressed that my dress wouldn't arrive on time for my senior ball, but bless this seller, they managed to get it to me in a mere 5 days! I love the dress, but had to deduct a star due to some flaws. The flowers were actually just super glued onto the fabric, and the patches were placed inconsistently around the dress. I just picked them off cause they really bothered me and the dress looked so much better without them. The skirt had a lot of layers to accent the train which I liked; however, the final layer was a very cheap plastic-like material that made a lot of sound and felt really uncomfortable. I had to cut it off. The green color is the most royal and stunning shade of emerald I've ever seen. The top part of the dress is actually a lot darker than the picture depicts, and it's also a bit see through and fits a little oddly. The top part of the dress is still very intricate and beautiful and overall I still really love the dress.
the dress is very beautiful. the stitching is very neat and fabric of very good quality. i asked the seller to add sleeves and it was done perfectly. i am very satisfied and definitely recommend this seller.
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