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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for tampão médica
Item as described and pictured. Seller shipped quickly. Regarding what size to choose: S (small) if you have not given birth to a child or for women up to the age of 25 years. L (large) if you've given birth to a child or for women over the age of 25 years. This information is written on the box including care instructions all written in English. Comes in a retail box so it can be given as a gift. Good seller.
The cups looks good quality and packing is very professional. The description of how to use it is in many languages. I’ll looking forward to enjoying the new experience after long years spent struggling with pads and its leakages.
It's exactly as described. I thought it was a bit big for me, but as it turned out it may have been small! It works amazingly well and I just have to get used to inserting it.
It took almost 4 MONTHS to arrive, that is a long time! Good thing is it’s finally here. But considering that the other cups I ordered have arrived a long time ago, and i already prefer those because they have a discharge valve which is a little more convenient than having to remove and reinsert it as often as this one. Nevertheless I will try this one as well, unlike the others I ordered, it comes with instructions. But NOTE, the seller displays EXACTLY WHAT YOU’RE ORDERING ON THE PACKAGE. This isn’t too awful, but I’m sure it’ll be embarrassing for some people, no discretion whatsoever! :( Other sellers were more considerate