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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for men shave soap
The shaving kit is of quite good quality and was delivered in less than 20 days (Poland, Gdynia). I tried to shave immediately after unpacking the box. It was very easy to load the soap on the brush and create a rich lather. I was used to use a boar brush before, but now I am of the opinion the badger brush makes the shaving much more comfortable. If the soap cup is really stainless as declared it will be a great shaving set for me. Thank you, Anbbas.
I love these shaving bowls. I ordered 1 and then ordered 3 more for my shaving soaps. I like the loose fitting lid so the soap can dry out while still being protected from dust and any particulate matter that is floating in the air. The bowl is deep enough to allow you to build a lather without spilling over the sides. Highly recommended!