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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for microfone profissional com fio
Pros: Nice noise cancelation; Good material choices; Good sound quality (it’s possible to hear mostly of the sounds within the songs). Cons: a little bit uncomfortable in my ears ( sometimes I need to let kinda off my ears)
Not the top quality but very good for its price. You need the powerbank (which is sold for extra money) that works with a single aaa battery to make the mic work. I connected it to my guitar amp and working with no problem.. I hear a slight hissing sound as i play, however im not sure if its from the mic or my amp.. Anyway as i said earlier, if you are tight on money, this mic will just do it. 4/5 (and i pray for that it doesnt brake too soon...)
The delivery was faster than stated. The packaging was very neat and secured. The mic produces a very nice sound and hope it lasts very long. Overall, my expectations were more than met.