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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for micro lápis
Mei eye has been waiting for several days to deliver the goods. The face washing machine was sent on the other day with the other ID, and it shipped the next day. Let's talk about the use of the beauty eye instrument. Blu ray is basically useless. Red light can feel the temperature. It's also suitable for eyes. After finishing the eye cream, it is much more comfortable to use the beauty eye instrument to sleep before the massage. It is much more comfortable to worry about using the eye cream to smear the hands. It will cause fine lines, and the beauty eye instrument is a good helper. A few times, it was recharged last night. As for the effect of use
Specially used for several days to evaluate, the blue light has not been used, like blue light, heated up very fast, now used every night, hope to improve the eyes of the black eye, but the feeling with blue eye cream absorption will be faster. I hope this quality can be used for a long time, such a small household appliance is more afraid to use several times it is bad, send back and freight, it is really not cost-effective. It is still better to study how to use the technique at the moment. Fast delivery, logistics is also good, five star praise.
I have no intention to see that the function of this instrument publicity is so strong and decisive. Vibrated hot compress head is very comfortable to use, especially when using the eye. The effect of the introduction is very good and can be guided quickly. For me who often stays up late, dark circles and bags under the eyes can be saved. The head with EMS RF function is a little numb, and it can be wrinkled, compact skin, expectant effect.
First of all, what's worth commending is that once a battery is charged, it can really be used for a long time. It will probably be more than 20 days. Talk about the product again. I just received a few days to pull the massage, but always worry about pulling more fine lines, then only a few point points in the eye, not sliding on the eyes, red light and warm eye cream also a good absorption. My favorite is take it and neck lines with the use of cream, and used in the nasolabial folds, and upward circle massage.