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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for mini pi
Quick shipping, and good packaging. This board is essentially useless. Linux support is not the same as being able to run linux, and the chip used, the MT6572 is now 5 years old and there is only a 3.4.67 kernel available! Android != Linux Also, note to UK shoppers. Beware - Because the customs advice label said "single board computer" border force picked on this item, and slapped a load of import duty on it, because they called it a "computer", and valued it like ti was a desktop PC. Add the additional £8 for Royal Mail "handling fee" and this useless board cost me an extra £40! fml
As described a good value for $2.15. My intention is to mount these in my wireless Linksys & Buffalo routers. Appears to use 3m adhesive. Will update if anything changes or a problem arises.
The price is higher compared to other products but packaging is awesome and soldering is totally flawless. This is probably the highest quality product I have ever bought on Aliexpress so far. Absolutely recommend.
Nice hotspot. Works fine after having upgraded Raspi to the last version. Otherwise it was not so reliable when received. Now it is quite good and I can say this is a good item
Use this as manual (the printed URÖ on the device is wrong! Worked out of the box. I updated the PI Image and now it even works more better :-))