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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for toy neca
First what I want to say: ToySpark have very nice and responsive feedback! About packages: by my experience - packing of figures feels reliable. About figure: Feels like original NECA quality. Nice painted! Even teeth, that is pretty rarly for alien figures at Ali. Good articulation, but tough first time. I can not open mouth for now, but I think in future it will begin to open (it's often a thing for NECA figures, even for originals, when figure can't moves at full powers in first times). And I two times got aliens with two same "gastrocnemius muscle". he can't stand 100% symmetrically because of it, but still stand good (don't forgot about tail, tail helps) Figure match the description. And this "leg problem" is a minor defect, how i think, especially for Ali figure. Anyway, when you buy figures at Ali you must be ready for defects always. Im just glad that he at least can STAND and not fall down, okay? XD There are some photos!
The toy is really beautiful. But it's not a child toy, it's a toy collector. Some parts is extremally fragile, as the spear. And some parts don't fit, as one of the heads.
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