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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for nubia dual
Everything as described ! Android 7.1.1, 64 Rom, and 6 Ram. Phone looks and feels as described, has the shiny finish on the back as in the photos. Phone has many nice features. I was quite scared spending my 270 dollars online and was even scarier to open the box when i got it, but it was worth it. Would recommend this seller, thank you. The phone came quick as well, after about a week I think, with added screen protection, phone case and UK adapter from the seller. I am happy with the purchase
The description is very accurate, however had I noticed that this phone doesn't support the addition of an SD card, I probably wouldn't have bought it. 64GB ROM is adequate however transferring my files is not as simple as sticking in my memory card. I don't own a computer, so lots of my files have needed to be transferred by Bluetooth. That is painfully slow. Transferring my contacts, all 300 of them only took about a minute by Bluetooth. I sent is as a zipped file and then installed it. The quickstart pamphlet is 99% Chinese, however there is an in-depth user manual in English once you find it. Battery life lasts many hours, an the phone is very quick and responsive. It is a nice phone, but it will take me a while to get used to it.