Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for pingente que se abre para o homem
NOW THIS IS A NECKLACE ❣ King Tutankhamun was never about Understatement, and neither is this Pendant!! I love the hidden Mummy in the Sarcophagus, He always brings a smile to people's faces, when I show them the hidden occupant inside (my 7yr old Grandson's reaction was priceless!! He jumped back, then said "Oh!! I saw THAT Movie!!) This is one HUGE Pendant❣ But suprising lightweight. The chain that came with it is also a thing of wonder❣ Equally large and well made, the two were obviously made for each other. The shipping time was incredibly fast, and the pendant & chain were separately packaged, and then both safety packaged together in a bubble packet. TUT and I give this Seller a big 5++☆☆☆☆☆'s and a 100% satisfaction rating❣ Buy from this Seller with complete confidence and trust ❣