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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for phono stage
An amazing price and performance Pono amplifier High price, fresh and clear Set it on the mc, as he says, and use DO NOT listen The mm cartridge must be aligned with the mm switch Good as Erargold v
Great looking and solid pre amp!! Very well and precisely made. Fast shipping and instant contact with the seller. Recommendation!! The sound is very accurate out of the box but it needs time to warm up.
Excellent sounding phono preamp right out of the box , with NOS tubes take the sound few notches up . low noise floor , airy high , seductive midrange and dynamic bottom end , shipped fast , recommended seller, with good communication.
I am very satisfied with Douk Audio. The pre amp arrived very fast. The pre amp had a bad potentiometer when it arrived Got it fixed. Douk Audio helped throughout the whole process Sounds great. Looks great. An excellent purchase. Thanks Vivian Li
It arrives one week after I placed the order, which is fast for shipment from China to Thailand. I swapped out the stock tubes for GE 5654. The output is really musical-wide stage, range, dynamics, and details. It can certainly beat my rega fono-mini A2D. The 3.5mm aux input is an added bonus-help me to connect newer devices to my stereo system. Highly recommended.