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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for piscifun
extra fast air shipping. it;s medium quality line. color washes out very easily. I'm doubt its coated with smth. Next time I will order cheaper line, quality probably will be the same.
Handles was way to tight on bearings and handle caps were lock tight so i ended up grinding new slots on caps to get them off to loosen up screw holding bearings,The handles were two different sizes not even close to each other so I took them off and tried to make them the same and they look bad so my new reel handle is totally ruined from plier markes and grinding but at least they turn freely now.What I would really like is a new handle so this reel I bought for my brother, Brand new reel Doesnt look used and crappy
The description is very good in the E-shop. However, no user´s and maintenance manual has been delivered with the reel. So, if something like that exists, I would highly appreciate its mailing. Thanks and regards Vladimír Svojanovský
The fast delivery i ever have.The reel is good. But, unfortunately, I had problems with customs, and the reel was 50% more expensive. Please negotiate with the seller to write at least half the value so you do not have such problems.
Product note 1000, very beautiful, and lack foreheads, but very well finished. All the same as described .. Seller is the best I have ever bought through AliEpress. Very helpful and reliable. The reel arrived very fast about 20 days .. Super recommend