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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for alicate
This multi-tool appears inspired by the Leatherman Wave and Charge, and nicely avoids the inside tools that are so difficult to access on the Leatherman tools. However, it is also very large and mostly impractical for everyday use. I intend to keep this in my car's glovebox for the rare case when I need a tool and don't have a better one handy.
From one hand, delivery time was very long. But from another hand, the story is the following. It was some problem with customs. Seller prolonged Buyer Protection for two times and resent the goods without any requests from my side. From my point of view Seller should be considered as very scrupulous and conscientious.
This is unbelievable!!! I made my order on 10.07.2018 and I received the ordered item on 19.07.2018!!!! In only 9 days!!! Would you believe it??? Many many thanks to the Seller for its professionalism and quickness!!!! A very, very, very satisfied customer.
Superior tool for the price! The pliers that I got have no play / flex at pivot and fit of jaws is very accurate. I expected these pliers to be much worse.