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Valuable Religious Necklace in European Countries. Silver-Gold Cross Pendant with Holy Diamonds, 15x0,25ct, total 3.75ct and Silver-Gold Chain, 1g. Radiation test result rises to highest possible level of natural unheated diamonds. Thermal conductivity test result rises to level of natural unheated diamonds. Color under ultraviolet light glowing purple-blue. This kind of purple-blue fluorescence is most common in clear diamonds according to scientific Internet Photos. European price for 0,25ct, D-F, IF-VVS natural unheated clear diamonds is 412USD, and for 3ct, D, IF-LC 230850USD for so big diamond and for so lots of diamonds according to Antwerp World Diamond Center, Belgium. European stock market price for 999 Xetra-Gold 35.12EUR every gram and Silver 0,53USD every gram at the moment in Frankfurt am Main. Natural Unheated Diamonds are not nowadays very common at the European Markets-no diamond mining in Europe, just cutting in Belgium, in Swiss and something in Germany.