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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for provável carregador de bateria
Received the product yesterday (17/4/2018) and the shipping and time for the product to reach me is much quicker than expected. The item was ordered on 1/4/2018. I am yet to test the product and will give you a detailed review later.
Amazing quality! Very convenient - now I have 2 probty batteries and 1 original and can use my camera all day for vlogging! Just make sure you don’t charge your original canon battery in probty slot and don’t charge probty batteries in the canon original slot - but this warning is written everywhere on the boxes to remind you that! Works perfectly with Canon M6. Very happy for this convenient set for such a good price! Recommend the product!
Giving a 5 star for the product. Absolutely compatible with a Canon 200D. Even shows the battery stats level. Guess they've got the chip for that in now. Definitely not what problems others are facing as reviews on YouTube. However an extensive testing is to be done. Will update as soon as possible.