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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for couro pu
The backpack came after 19 days, very fast shipping. Seller sent it two days after the order. The packaging was very good, air bag inside, in bubble wrap, seller puts a lower value on the packaging. The material is good, little bit thin, and material smells. Zippers work. Engraved text is beautifully clean. Two pockets outside, one pocket inside the backpack. I think it's a nice good backpack. I'm happy with the purchase.
Seller shipped the next day after purchase. Package arrived in under 2 weeks. Despite all the bubble wrap and packaging, the bag does still come a bit bent out of shape, especially the belt portion, but that can easily be fixed. It also has a pretty bad odor and needs to be aired out. I tried putting my phone in and it doesn't fit, but I bought it more as a fashion accessory anyways. I use it to hold hand sanitizer, lip balm, tissue, and cards. Despite some shortcomings common in PU leather bags ordered online, I do still find this to be a very cute and versatile piece. I'm especially happy with the functioning twist lock closure. Lately, the local shops here are flooded with button close bags with tacky faux twist locks. Overall, easy/stress-free/fast buying experience and great product!
I love this dress its even better in person ! I got a size small the top is a little loose for me but doable! I’m very pleased at how fast it came as well ! Definitely ordering from them again!
Belt is a different colour to the coat and the coat doesn’t have quite as refined a look as the photos, but it’s still nice. Probably due to the size difference. Also 3XL is not the size delivered. It fits but it’s tight. I’ve seen other comments mention problems with the size and I concur.