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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for pula pula
Good sound quality, above expectations for the price, very nice that they pack spare caps for the earbuds, bass is actually quite good! Came wrapped three times as protection, which is good! Fits very well in the ear (I have quite small ears so that sometimes poses a problem with earbuds, but not in this case). Very recommended!
Bought these for my 1more Triple Drivers which have a 6mm diameter, the fit was very tight, you have to really squeeze them onto the headphones, which will probably affect the tips' longevity. Apart from that, the seller was very responsive and the delivery very fast, thanks.
These are narrow bore, and decent quality. In terms of fit, wasn't able to get the right fit with either size. Guess, will have to stick with spinfits maybe, for myself. (Awaiting order for Spiraldots). Symbio tips (W or normal) both had similar issues as well
The middle part is made of flexible rubber for easy installation, unlike other ear foams which are made of unflexible plastic that lacks size adjustment for a snug fit. Good quality foam, I would recommend it for noise isolation and universal fit.
Seems to be very good value for the price. Sound very good. Fully satisfied with this purchase. I am not an audio expert. But I have bought lots of earphones. These are fine quality and definitely worth the price.