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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for q9650
I got have what I have ordered. CPU is working perfect! We have some discussion with the seller about my motherboard (if it will works....I disputed non-functional CPU, but CPU is working perfect, just need the right version of BIOS on that MB ;-) ) In the attachment u can see that Q9650 is working on GA 965P DS3 rev.3.3, bios F14. This is the best price/efficiency for my MB and hope it will last till forever ;-) The store response very quickly, but technical knowledge (...of the replier) was stressfull. I did checked my info right, but he tried to conviced me, that I am NOT right. My fault was - I forgot to upgrade my BIOS, the shop´s fault was - bad information & sources about which CPU is working on certain MB (but......there is a pretty mess about MB & CPU....need a time to look). Generally - I am not BFU, took some time, solved & done & all good!
Seller quickly dispatched the product. CPU received as described. looks like brand new unused. only tiny damage to the PCB on one side. Installed on motherboard and is working as expected. inclusion of thermal paste was a bonus.Will leave additional feedback after using for couple of weeks.seller is recommended.
Seems very light in weight compared to the petzl brand I was using before. Nice matte finish on the red color though, and seems well ventilated with a thick foam wall for good comfort. I hope to test it out in the next few days.
The pocessor is good but did not sent thermal paste as promissed in site. At the end i am satisfied with seller answer but should take it of the in site offer.
The goods are well packaged, came quickly. Thermal grease is applied to it. The processor with small scratches, tk. he was in the use. The processor is in working order. At temperatures up to 50 degrees, the first core is hot at 4 ... 6 degrees, after 50 degrees the difference decreases. Asked the seller - is this normal, he promptly replied that there are no problems. Looked on the Internet on this issue and made sure that there really is no problem. I recommend this seller. I show you the photos of the CPU temperature under the load of a large archive RAR