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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for redmaple rádio do carro
Im very happy with the product. It came with a 2018 can bus decoder and thanks to that, ALL OF THE FACTORY FUNCTIONS are working perfectly (AC control panel, vehicle messages, steering wheel control, automatic headlights etc.). 8 core processor is fast and stable, 4Gigs memory is good enough to run multiple applications. Communication was perfect, fast and very friendly. Item came within 3 working days. Amazing!
At last I received my order.It took more than 1 week to deliver from Germany that is just 1.5 hour from me.The customer service is a great lier!The tracking number was not valid!I checked it on the website and there was totally no information about my order!I asked the customer service the correct tracking number but they just ignored me writing 100 and 1 different stories but NO GOOD TRACKING NUMBER!
excellent product!! very nice and large, has a lot of features it is android with custom UI, but you can install any application you want. seller has been very helpful with issues I had and is an excellent seller!!
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