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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for rtsp
I just finished configuring 7 of these, I like them, throw away the instructions they come with and use Internet explorer to browse to (1 at a time, or they will conflict) you will obviou
This is our second mini encoder from Uray. It`s working perfectly to stream to YouTube, Facebook or VLC. We use it for a local TV station and we are very satisfied by the quality of this product.
nice product .. great support from store .. but : if you wish to have automatic backup system and access, to the backup files through network .. this is not the product that can do it .. currently backup is serving only as manual recording of the feed from attached device , and works great if you wish to do file backup manually by pressing the record button . other than that .. device works very nice and 4 streams upload to RTMP server .. takes only 10% of CPU from HDMI device.