Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for chaveiro de borracha
Omg! I couldn't describe how happy I am! All these keychains are super duper good quality! And cheap too! Also the seller gave me little gifts ;-; because I ordered so much, I received 2 extra keychains, Shwi (ngnl) and Yoshiko (ll!) !! Thank you so much!!
Everything is identical to the pictures, they’re also pretty nicely sized which is nice! The freebie stickers and even a lil freebie LL keychain are a nice touch heh ,, also came surprisingly fast woahhhhh :))
This keychain looks amazing! It's just like on seller's photos. Really high quality. Package was well preserved and nicely wrapped. There was also a present - a nice card which can be a bookmark. I highly recommend this keychain and the seller!
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