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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for screen for xiaomi redmi5
The screen replacment fits the phone as expected. Howerver if you look closely at it the width is not uniform and you can see some scratchs. As said by previous reviews the performances are not as good as the original screen, especially the contrast. In the end the product makes it's job and my screen is repaired.
Glass quality is good. It's easy to attach use the blue holder. But the glass is too big. Would be better to cut it for 3mm of the top, and for 2mm of the bottom. I have air layers on the top an on the bottom, very conspicuous is the top air layer. I hadn't used the liquid for air layers. Shipping took around 1 month and 3 weeks.
You are well done the third time you order and all very quickly and efficiently.I will always order from you now.You success and more friendly customers.I'll give you a maximum of stars.
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