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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for stm32f103c8t6
Very convenient PCB. One can easily connect ESP8266 and NRF24L01. Also headers for LCD and OLED displays. Can be USB powered or via pin. All boards came with Micro USB cables, which is great. I did have luck with one of the boards. After soldering the headers (pin headers are also included), I had short circuit between 5V and GND. I had to drill the 5V pad of the header to remove the short (see the image). So - be carefull with the soldering.
Have not tested the boards yet, but they are individually packaged in anti-static packaging and no damage was seen on any of them. The shipment was fast! I ordered a different version from another competitor here the same moment and it still has not arrived. I will use this seller from now on!! THANK YOU!
Compare this to arduino and you get a board that can do more for less money, that is ofcourse if you don't use arduino ide. I suggest programming in eclipse/truestudio to unleash it's true potential.