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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for suaoki
Produkts saņemts 16 kalendāra dienu laikā (Ķīna-Latvija (ES)) - solīto 18-27 kalendārās dienas. Izsūtīts 1 kalendārajā dienā. Produkts ir ļoti labas kvalitātes. Produkta apraksts un attēli atbilst saņemtajam produktam. Produkta virzība bija izsekojama caur Ķīnas pastu. Product received within 16 calendar days (China-Latvia (EU)) - proposed 18-27 calendar days. Shipped out within 1 calendar day. The product is very good quality. Product description and pictures match the product received. Product track was traceable with China post.
It works only on direct sunlight and also it gives more ampers when solar panels are perpendicular to the sun. It doesn't work when in shade or when sun is behind the clouds. You can check voltage and ampers in the app called Ampere Meter. I am very satisfied with this product.