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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for o bálsamo para lábios com flor
I’ve seen a couple brands of these and have been wanting to try them out, this set was a very good price for all four colors. All four lipsticks came in without issue. I like the mirror on the side of the tube but think the push-button release is a little awkward, I’m afraid it’ll break and the lipstick will get stuck. The lipsticks themselves are lovely as you can see from the picture. There is no odor and it feels really nice on your lips. It doesn’t taste very pleasant but you’re not supposed to be licking it anyways. I am a little disappointed that the different colors don’t have much variation on me (especially the Minute Maid as I really like an orange tint) but I know the colors are reactive to the person wearing them so I can’t blame the brand. In all really excited to have these and wear them. Swatches are in order of previous picture. Mirror still has protective film on.