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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for usb microfones
My new microphone works 1000 times better then my older one! All my YouTube/Twitch viewers say they can hear me so much better =D. I love both of the settings that the microphone has the Volume and the Echo.
I am a professional sound engineer and I have used these mics for many years in many situations and I am always pleased by the results. They stand up well on a stage shared with Sure 's and other mics costing a lot more. I have used them on instruments, vocals, conferences, hand held...etc. ALways a great result! I have engineered massive rooms and put these through huge amplifiers and they give a great sounds and have decent off axis rejection (very directional).
This is an awesome USB microphone. The sound quality is incredible whether you are using it for voice over, skyping, recording music, or anything else you choose. The plug and play makes it really easy, you don't have to go looking for a download, it takes care of itself. The device itself is quality materials all the way around as well as being well engineered. I've used it for a variety of purposes and been more than pleased. One of my granddaughters even recorded herself singing so she could play it back and know how she sounded, allowing her to make improvements where needed. The sound is crisp and clear and it keeps background static out and you can easily adjust the volume. I would say if you are in the market for a usb mic for any reason, this is a great choice.
This microphone is solid! Rugged construction, durable microphone stand, will not tip over quickly. Sound quality is great! Podcast set perfect. The gain control knob on the microphone is a great feature. When I took this out of the box, I fell in love. It looks amazing. I use this to make my game video, sounds good, but I suggest you make a popular filter. They did improve their voice. It can not be easier to use. I highly recommend this microphone.