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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for v30
The phone came in perfect condition. Got B&O headphones with it, which is huge surprise, but i didn't like how they sound at all. Tested on waterproof (about 30 sec) - still working. Cell phone signal seems little bit low, but battery life is just AMAZING - 100% to 84% with screen time 2hrs on 30% brightness.
Item arrived safely and came in bubble wrap as I asked. The phone is basically almost new and came with free tempered glass and clear case. If you never install a tempered glass be sure to watch a tutorial or asked someone who know (or you gonna end up frustrated like me). It came with android 7.1.2 out of the box and can be updated later. It comes with full accessories which are adapter and cable( type c cable, standard adapter that doesn't support quick charge), knock off b&o earphone (that doesn't sound great) and a pin to remove the sim card. The phone's audio is superb and I recommend you to pair it with a kz earphone. It is an original phone and you can see all the review about the phone features in YouTube.
It looks absolutely new, not a single scratch or mark, all working correctly, screen on point, the battery also seem to be just as new, it was running Android nougat out of the box what leads me to believe that if it was used or refurbished it was used very little, it's upgradable to Android oreo. It comes with original charger but the headphones are not original, they are B&O play knock offs, they actually sound decent but they came broken from one earbud, since the seller specifies that it doesn't come with original headphones on the info sheet it's alright.
The phone is in mint condition. Came in an original box with a charger for the country I asked for (Good Quality). Headphones (Terrible Quality). A clear case and screen protector which were not expected (Thank You). All works well. Thank You again.
I ordered LG V30, unfortunately the phone didn't arrived. The seller gave me refund straight away without any tedious dispute. I am happy with their service, just no luck with the shipping.
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